Puntland Government

The Puntland Regional State was formed, based on the design of three branches of government; Legislative (66 members, with 5 women), Judiciary, and Executive (President with Vice-President and 9 Ministers). Two regions- Sool and Eastern Sanag- also joined the former northeastern regions and, thus, jointly formed the Puntland State of Somalia as an autonomous regional administration.

As stipulated in Article 1 of the Transitional Constitution, Puntland is a part of an anticipated Federal State of Somalia.  It is striving for the unity of the Somali people and the creation of a Somali government based on a federal system. The Puntland State consists of the following seven regions:

  • Bari
  • Nugal
  • Mudug
  • Sanaag
  • Sool
  • Ayn
  • Karkaar
  • Guardfui

Trends of Political and Constitutional Development

Up until it was affected by the recently resolved internal conflict (following a peace accord reached on 17 th May 2003) the State of Puntland had shown some degree of initiative to step up the slow and hesitant development of governance structures and socio-economic reconstruction without the benefit of much international assistance.

Geography and Climate


Puntland State is geographically located in the eastern portion of Somalia . It borders with northwest regions in the west, Gulf of Aden in the north, Indian Ocean in the southeast, central regions in the south and Ethiopia in the southwest.


The total area of the State of Puntland is 212,510 km2 , (roughly one-third of Somalia ‘s geographical area).


The State of Puntland is semi arid. The country has a warm climate and average daily temperatures range from 27