Chamber of Commerce

Functions of the Puntland Chamber of Commerce

The main functions of the Puntland Chamber of Commerce are:

To formulate market strategy and identify export opportunities for traders.

To collect and disseminate relevant statistical information that help promote commerce, manufacturing, imports and exports.

Provide Certificate of Origin to traders exporting goods to foreign countries.

Provide letter of acknowledgment to Puntland traders.

To hold and to promote  participation in local and international trade fairs events and exhibitions.

To publish periodical, journals, and newsletters and disseminate information to members.

To act as an arbitrator in the settlement of trade disputes in both local and foreign countries.

To facilitate joint business venture between traders from Puntland and those from foreign countries.

To provide security for any business transaction between traders of Puntland and foreign companies.

To facilitate the acquisition of Letter of Credit (L/C), which is a specialized instrument of international trade designed to facilitate trade between exporters and importers. This is issued by a bank to the seller at the request of the buyer.