Livestock Trade Export Procedures

Livestock Trade Export Procedures  

Any investor must know the basic information pertaining to livestock export and certification before engaging in any such business. The necessary documentation and permits need to accompany the export documents are the certificate of origin issued by the Puntland chamber of commerce and industry, import and export license issued by the ministry of commerce and industry and permits such as certificate of health for livestock export issued by the ministry of livestock and fisheries. Movement of animals from source to the point of exit you will require movement permit issued by veterinary officials. You also have to ask yourself what the basic documentation that is required for import and export clearance. The main documents that are relevant to the exporter are listed hereunder:

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing list
  3. Bill of lading / Airway bill
  4. Bill of entry
  5. Insurance certificate (if applicable)
  6. Certificate of inspection (if applicable)
  7. Certificate of origin (if applicable)
  8. Certificate of health (if applicable)
  9. Export permit (if applicable)

Certificate of origin

The certifcate of origin is used to confirm the origin of goods. It is a critical element in international busines as it has tax implications based on bilateral trade agreements between trading states.The purpose is to ascertain` that the animals for export are of high quality and healthy.
Certificate of health

Most countries require veterinary or phyto-sanitary certificates in respect of animals and animal products in order to be in a position to satisfy the buyer. Moreover the certificate of health assures the exporter and the importer that livestock for export are free from diseases and fit for human consumption.

Livestock exporters are required to contact the Ministry of Livestock in regards to these certificates. Animals for export are issued with International Certificate of Health prior to shipment to importing countries.

Movement permit

Movement permit is issued by the ministry veterinary officer and other private veterinary practitioners in Puntland. The permits are issued after observation and screening of animals from the source to the port of exit. The purpose is to make sure that the exported animals are healthy. Animals are certified by the Ministry of Livestock in accordance to the OIE guide lines of international animal health certification procedures. Traders are given Inspection Certificate in various markets and holding grounds after screening and testing is done by the government veterinary officials and Movement Permit to Bossaso port.

Import/ export licenses

For any Local and foreign investments there are legal documents required for issuance of import/ export license.

Requirements for licences


  1. Identity card (national)
  2. Passport photo copy (foreign resident)
  3. No Original bank statement required
  4. Two passport size photographs
  5. No Fixed assets required
  6. Tax clearance certificate from the land revenue office
  7. Chamber of Commerce Registration


  1. Certificate of registration of the company issued by the Attorney General