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Hides and skin is another major foreign exchange earner in Puntland and it generates over two million US dollars annually. The Bossaso Tannery exports slightly over ninety thousand tones annually to Dubai, Italy, China, India, Ethiopia and Pakistan. The company is a joint venture business company owned by local traders and it has 52 branches across the region with a staff of over one thousand. Their daily turnover is 2300 pieces of skins and 300 pieces of hides. Bossaso Tannery exports the manufactured products to the importing counties via Dubai. It is a niche processor of camel hides the other one being located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
There are two types of hides and skin that are processed by the company and these are:-

  1. Pickle which is exported to Spain and German.
  2. Wet Blue is exported to various countries in middle east and Europe

Natural chemicals are used during the processing of the Pickle type and the demands for such products are high in Spain and German and they are the major importers however the Wet Blue are in great demand in most of the countries. The products are exported from Bossaso to the Middle East through sea transport and it takes a week to reach Dubai. The hides and skins are graded from one to six and low qualities are graded into single, double or triple rejects (R, RR, RRR). However,all these products are still good for export. Future plans are underway to expand the company and to make it a ready made leather production company which will exports its goods to the Middle East and other foreign countries.

Mohamed Diriye Hussein is the Director General of the company and majority shareholder. The contact Addresses are:

TELEPHONE CONATCT: (2525) 82469/796203/796261
E-MAIL: ; 

Chairman, Hussein Dahir Afrah
Director: Ahmed Abdi Habeb
Contact addresses:
Telephone- 2525-720141
Land line- 2525-823118

Hiddig Boat Company import light engines and Glass Reinforced Plastic from China, Japan and Indonesia for the construction of fishing boats for local use. The company constructs four types of fishing boats depending on the size: